Alpine Trauma

International Alpine Trauma Registry (IATR)

The primary aim of Eurac´s International Alpine Trauma Registry research project is to record all applied strategies for the first aid of traumatized patients in mountain areas. It aims to collect and report information in a standard form on major alpine trauma. It includes patient pre-hospital, in-hospital and outcome information. The collected data will enable an international comparison between the different strategies applied during the rescue of traumatized patients in high altitudes and remote areas. Furthermore, these data could help to scientifically define specific problems of pre-hospital treatment of traumatized patients in remote areas. The second aim of the study is to record the effects of pre-hospital and hospital treatment strategies and parameters on the survival and the outcome of the patients. For that purpose the registry was based on the guidelines of the Utstein-Style Protocol.
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International Avalanche Registry (IAVAR)

The aim is to determine and compare the key characteristics of prehospital care and patterns of injury in avalanche accidents with persons involved. Its goal is to determine the impact of rescue strategies and treatment recommendations on patient outcomes.The International Avalanche Registry was developed by Eurac in close collaboration with the International Commission of Alpine Rescue ICAR, South Tyrol's mountain rescue organization and the Avalanche Warning Service in Bolzano. The IAVAR comprises three different chapters: The first chapter covers medical information about incident site, accepting first and maybe second or even third hospitals and about patient outcome. The second chapter contains details of the situation on-site, the situation of the patient(s) rescue details and preventive measure of the victim(s). The third chapter gives additional geographical details and information about the characteristics of the avalanche itself.
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Accidental Hypothermia

International Hypothermia Registry (IHR)

It is the first and only world wide database on human accidental hypothermia. This internet based registry was created by the hypothermia working group with the University Hospital of Geneva / Switzerland which hosts the data on its secure server. The IHR’s principle goal is to increase knowledge on accidental hypothermia by gathering sufficient relevant data through international networking, creating the largest data base on deep accidental hypothermia. The registry will enable comparison of treating and rewarming methods, study survival predictor factors and prevention of post rewarming complications. This will help select the most efficient ways to treat these patients and permit the establishment of evidence based diagnosis and treatment guidelines.
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